Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 8 of My Beachbody Ultimate Reset



Today is the start of Phase 2, Release, so breakfasts this week mainly consist of fruit plates.The fruit plate filled me up for a little longer than the last time, so I think my stomach is adjusting to the portion sizes.

We brought Isaac's cupcakes, plus, we ended up baking a Minecraft Creeper cake, for his birthday party at school. We ended up staying up until midnight to make the cake. It was so hard to not try it, but there will always be more cakes and sweets in the future. It's worth it to focus for 21 days (which is actually a pretty short time period), and not feel the guilt or fail just because my will power wasn't strong enough! Your health, and mine, are so worth it, and it's important to not let food control our lives.

Isaac's 6th Birthday Cake & Carrot Cupcakes

Also, this week, another supplement is added to the mix, Detox. It's a lemony powder that you stir into 8-12 or so ounces of water, then wait, and stir again after 1 or 2 minutes. It actually tastes pretty good.


For lunch, it's just a microgreen salad and avocado, which is different from the microgreen salads of last week. Last week, the microgreen salads were always paired up with other dishes. I foresee the need for a snack today! We'll see, though!


I made it through another day! The pinto beans and rice was good with steamed zucchini, and, instead of string beans, I had asparagus. If you are afraid of beans, don't be, and read through your guide. It explains that normally beans will not cause problems, and they haven't since I've been eating them.

I'm hungry now, though, and I believe it may be because I'm still not drinking enough water. I just stated to my husband that I wanted donuts, pizza, and cake! I will make it through!!!!!!

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