Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 7 of My Beachbody Ultimate Reset



I wasn't very hungry for breakfast, but I think it's because of the banana I had before bedtime :/ I swapped out the tempeh, avocado, and steamed spinach for another breakfast: farina with walnuts, apples, and maple syrup. YUM!

We went shopping today after church, and I wished I had brought another bottled of distilled water with me. Drinking water helps to bed my hunger moderately, as well, and since I couldn't eat until I got home, it would have been nice to have the extra water! To make matters worse, I didn't sit down to eat until 1:45, since the Beachbody Ultimate Reset recommends waiting 30 minutes before eating after taking supplements.


Quinoa Salad & Microgreen Salad

Quite a few of the dishes are a little overwhelming, and as I realize this, I make annotations in the guide. I plan on using many of these recipes in the future! One of the overwhelming dishes is one I had today; quinoa salad. It was paired with microgreen salad, which has cucumber, tomato, shredded carrot, jicama, baby salad greens, red bell pepper, and sprouts. I grow my own sprouts at home, since I can't seem to find them at any of the stores I've looked at. They are so easy to grow, too!

Homegrown Wheatgrass Sprouts


Baked Tempeh for dinner was a little late, but actually quite good. It was marinated for an hour in apple cider vinegar, Bragg Liquid Aminos, sesame oil, pure maple syrup, and garlic. I hadn't liked it before then, that's for sure! Tomorrow, is my son's 6th birthday, so while the tempeh was marinating, I was preparing his cupcakes for his class. I was actually less tempted to lick the spoon than I thought I would be! Unfortunately, I'm becoming used to eating late, and tonight was no exception, as I ended up eating at 7:30.

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