Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 12 of My Beachbody Ultimate Reset


I had another delicious fruit  bowl again for breakfast. I recommend, as the guide does as well, variety in the fruit you have. I love fruit, but I don't want to be bored! By the third week, I'll be having a fruit bowl every morning, if you see my dilemma. I was also reading in the guide about the weeks following the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, and the steps to take. I'll be having fruit for another week following the Reset, as well!


Lunch was the hearty vegetable miso soup and a microgreen salad. It was a beautiful day outside, so I ate outside until my son decided it was too warm, and time for use to go back inside.

I had a snack of snap peas, carrots, and cauliflower with dressing. After that, which I also ate outside, I spent time prepping our garden pots. It was a good distraction, along with the laundry my son helped me fold and put away.

I got a little discouraged today when I was reading about what to expect the 4 weeks following the Reset. I won't be back to my normal routine, not even yogurt or eggs from weeks 1 and 2, for a few weeks. Then, the 4th week following the Reset, I can begin to reintroduce meat.

I'm not an alcoholic, but I do like a drink every now and then, but that's another thing I will be waiting a few weeks for, as well. I really wasn't living an unhealthy lifestyle prior to my Reset, nor did we eat out often or eat a lot of junk food, but I do enjoy pizza, donuts, and a vodka cranberry every now and then.

I'm definitely not complaining out the cleanse, because so many dishes have been amazing, and I plan on continuing to make many of them after the Reset! Also, the way my body is changing for the good, has made this Reset so worth it!

What Fruit Should You Have?
I do regret buying the fruit I bought earlier today, when I said I wanted variety. I bought mango, bananas, and pineapple. I regret this purchase, because when I finished watching the DVDs that came with the program, it isn't recommended to incorporate those fruits into the program. They are higher on the glycemic index, so they are broken down into glucose much quicker than lower glycemic fruits like pears, plums, peaches, or apples.


Dinner was Mediterranean Beets, coconut collard greens, and millet. It was fairly delicious. I believe I was trying to prepare too many dishes at once, and got some things crispier than others. When they say 'don't let the millet burn,' you should realize that it will quickly burn if you really aren't stirring frequently, and adding water when you should.

Mediterranean Beets, coconut collard greens, and millet

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