Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Ways Clean Eating Can Change Your Life

Most All of us probably want to live happy, healthy lives, right? This doesn't need to involve cosmetic surgery, loads of money, and an in-home chef! Clean eating can be a good first step to the road to a happy healthy life, but you must first be happy with who you are to begin with, and value yourself enough to know that you are changing for yourself, not because you want others to like you! You are valuable as a person, and no one should make you feel any less valuable! Set up your support system; my husband has cheered me on from the moment I we began my our road to a healthier life!

We began eating healthier, and I began working out a bit more, and things began to change.

Adding exercise into the mix, helped me travel the road right to Transformation Results City! Yeah, it has taken a lot of work. And once it becomes a habit, it's not easier; you're just stronger. I love the way I feel, and how I look! I'm not done yet, and every time I remember how I used to feel/look, I don't want to let myself go back there.

We've since begun eating cleaner, and I want to give you a list of the ways that clean eating has changed our lives, and can possibly change your life, too.

5 Ways Clean Eating Can Change Your Life

1) Detoxifies your body. I've blogged about the reasons to detox here. Clean eating gives your body the nutrition it needs by possibly eating less, and minus the preservatives and artificial junk that are hard for your body to process.

2) Helps you lose weight. Clean eating involves eating less high calorie/fat/sugar junk food, so you will naturally begin to lose weight as you begin eating healthier foods. Also, as I said in 1), you get the nutrition you need by possibly eating less. And the clean foods that you eat, will likely fill you us for longer. Also, you aren't eating as much addictive simple sugar in the form of sweets, which will help cut your cravings, and calories. I've talked about Shakeology as one of the tools for my clean eating, as well as another Beachbody tool I hope to use in the future, Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

3) Food discovery! Since I've been hosting clean eating challenge groups on Facebook, I have heard numerous responses about how clean eating has changed lives. One member told me that the clean eating group raised her desire to explore new recipes, while another said she tried a new food that she had in her pantry, but didn't know what to do with. I recently picked up a jicama, which I look forward to trying today! Other things I've been discovering, are substitutes. Since clean eating is about getting rid of the processed, and low-nutrition junk, you may be exploring substitutes for white sugar and white flour.

4) Save money. Clean eating can cheaper than buying processed food, if you are smart about it! This can be true, especially if you are used to eating a lot of processed snacks, and pre-made, pre-packaged meals. One way to save, is to prep your produce, snacks, and other foods. When you purchase produce that will be used for snacks or meals, cut them up when you bring them home from the store, and plan out your snacks and meals to ensure that produce won't go to waste. Also, as I talked about in 2), clean eats, such as salad, can fill you up quicker than many processed foods can.

5) Inspire others. This is one that I feel strongly about! Especially when I began my journey, and inspired my husband, and now, more than ever, I've inspired our 5-year-old son to live healthier. Through the clean eating groups, my posts, my appearance, and lifestyle, I have been able to touch other lives! To give the motivation to help others begin that road to Transformation Results City. Small steps lead to big transformation! You want the support? You want the motivation? Don't give up! Reach out to others for support, or to give your support. I want to help!!!

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