Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Got Nutrition?

My Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition, Shakeology

Since I am blogging about clean eating, I want to talk a little more about Shakeology, which is one of my main basis of clean eating. Have you ever tried out a meal replacement shake, but found that it didn't fill you up, didn't give you energy, didn't help fight cravings, & probably wasn't very good for you? Not to mention, there weren't many flavor options, so you soon got bored?

When you think about what your body needs, then assess what you are really feeding it, you probably come to realize that your body is kinda like a finely tuned vehicle; you've got to feed it the right fuel to get the most mileage out of it! For the past 9 months I've been doing just that: giving my body the nutrition it needs with Shakeology, and I don't ever want to give it up! My health (& your health, if you're ready) is worth it!!!

This meal replacement shake is amazing! Since I began drinking Shakeology, I have been able to replace a meal with a shake that actually satisfies my hunger, and has helped to shrink my stomach (which has helped me lose and maintain my weight), because I don't eat as much. And, not to mention, it has helped cut my cravings, since my body gets what it needs every day!

Shakeology also gives me energy, and helps to keep me healthy! This is great, because, as a mom (a mom of a type 1 diabetic, at that), a college student, wife, and fitness coach, I live a pretty busy life and can't afford to get sick very often! Here are a few of the ingredients that help increase my energy, help me think, strengthen my immune system, and keep me calm: astragalus, ashwagandha, cordyceps, gingko leaf, tulsi (holy basil leaf), maca root, maitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, and schisandra. That's just to name a few of the 70+ healthy ingredients, approximately 10 salads' worth, that fit in one 10-20 oz. glass of Shakeology (depending on how you make it)!

In Shakeology, there are pro and prebiotics that help increase nutrient absorption, promote regularity, and improve digestion. This amazing shake also contains antioxidants, a super-protein blend, all of the 9 essential amino acids, and more! Plus, it comes in 5 flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate (in vegan or regular), Vanilla, Greenberry, and vegan Tropical Strawberry! My personal fav is Tropical Strawberry, which I blend with water, banana, peanut butter, and chia seeds. It is delicious! I also love Greenberry, which I usually drink by its delicious self!

If you have been needing something like this in your life, maybe you're ready to try it out? I'd love to hear from you!


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