Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Clean Eating Challenge Group

Support & Motivation to Help You Achieve Your Nutrition Goals

Tomorrow, March 3, I will be beginning another clean eating challenge group on Facebook. These groups are private, so only the members that are in the group can see what is posted. These groups have helped members to receive the support and motivation to help them to achieve their nutrition goals. Members have worked to support and motivate each other through their own experiences, and this support has occurred between total strangers who simply want to be an encouragement!

Most of the members of past groups have been women, seeking to provide a healthier lifestyle for themselves, and/or their families. I have immensely enjoyed the successes that these individuals have achieved! Many have lost weight (50+ lbs from 11 members of one group in 30 days), many have kicked bad habits and developed new, healthier habits, begun exploring new, and healthy recipes, and I, myself, have begun to try new foods!

If you desire to have/give support and motivation to/from others, I would love to have you in the next challenge group. You will be given 30+ days' worth of recipes, including shopping lists to go with them, as well as other tips throughout the month. Even if you read this blog a week from now, or even a month from now, I will probably be starting another clean eating group, whenever you are ready to get started. If I'm not hosting a group at that time, I will still want to help you to achieve your nutrition, and/or fitness goals, if you want my support! I want to help you succeed and to take back your health, or to continue your journey to a healthier you!

If you are ready, sign up for your free Team Beachbody website by going to Please use my coach referral id:  i  i  b  4, then send me a Friend Request on Facebook (Sarah Biesen (Shull)), so I can add you to the group, where you can begin to get the support and motivation to help you begin to achieve your goals!

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