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An Introduction to my Journey as a Sailor, Mother of a Type 1 Diabetic, Student, and a Team Beachbody Coach

An Introduction...
Military Life

My dad was in the army, and later on joined the airforce, so I grew up moving around a lot. Before I turned seven, our family had moved at least four times, and three of those were out of state moves! We ended up moving two more times before we settled in southern Idaho, where I eventually graduated from high school, joined the airforce for a short stint, but, after a few months, found the navy to be a more desirable choice. Knowing what I know now, five years after being discharged, I'm not sure if I would decide to join again. It was an adventure, for sure, but it was a very tumultuous time of my life, to say the least. On the other hand, if I hadn't joined the navy, I wouldn't have met my husband, and we wouldn't have had our wonderful son, Isaac. In the coming posts, I'll talk more about the navy and my experiences aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Alaska Wedding

Shortly after being discharged from the navy, my soon-to-be husband, our nine-month-old son, and my mom and day jumped on a ferry that was bound for Sitka, Alaska. The majority of my husband's family hails there, and what a beautiful place it is! It was my mom's idea for us to get married on our Christmas time visit up to Alaska, and boy was it an adventure! Prior to our trip, while booking the tickets, I had mistakenly chosen a trip that required us to spend a night on an island, and board another ferry the next morning. My mom has fond memories of that leg of the trip, but because it was my mistake that ended up costing us more money, I don't have such fond memories. Also, I'd mistakenly gotten us cabins (on both ferries) with only one bunk, so the five of us had to sleep two (three, with our son) to each twin bunk! Oops! There were quite a few memories made during our passage to Sitka, and I'll post further about this adventure later on. As the title implies, this is just an introduction ;) We were married on a tour boat the day after Christmas, and two days ago we celebrated our five-year anniversary.

Seascape themed wedding cake made by my mom
Moving Back to Idaho

My husband and I moved to southern Idaho from Everett, Washington in January 2009, so that we could begin attending college, and have a place to live (my mom and dad's house) while we got our feet on the ground. The move was adventurous to say the least! My husband was horribly sick, so I drove much of the 20+-hour trip through snow, ice, and deer infested conditions, while his older sister drove the moving van. We made it safely, and have lived in Idaho ever since, although we've moved two times since. We love it here in Idaho, but don't know how long we plan on staying. Whatever God's will is for us; that's what we'll do, and where we'll go after I graduate with my degree in secondary education. I want to teach middle school science, and we've thought about moving back to Washington or up to Alaska, but we'll see after about eight more classes, and about three, or so, more semesters of college.

D-Mom (The Beginning of My Journey as the Mom of a Type 1 Diabetic)

On September 20, 2012, our son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In the months leading up to our son's diagnosis, we hadn't suspected that there was anything wrong with Isaac. Although he had always been on the lowest end of the growth scale. His first doctor, after Isaac was born, had even informed us that we would need to see a nutritionist, because he was concerned about Isaac's weight, and overall growth. But, as the years went on, Isaac remained in the lower regions of the growth scale, and when many kids his age were already past the thirty-pound mark, we were still dressing Isaac in two-year-old clothes at the age of four! By the time he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he was actually beginning to lose weight. We became even more concerned after his daycare provider brought to our attention the degree of thirst that our son was exhibiting. By law, she wasn't supposed to tell us that we should go to a doctor, but she did hint at the possibility of something being wrong. Isaac also had other symptoms that were pointing us to the possibility of type 1 diabetes, and we found that out after a short stint in the doctor's office that morning of September 20, and about thirty-one hours in the hospital.

Isaac and his insulin pump

In addition to being a wife, mom, and student, I chose to become a Team Beachbody coach in May 2013. I've never really struggled with my weight, although I am conscious about it, as I know that many others are! By struggling with weight, I mean constantly watching and trying to maintain it. But, this summer 2013 I was shocked when I saw pictures of what I looked like the previous summer! I thought back to what I remembered my weight being, and realized that I had weighed thirty pounds more that previous summer! Since that summer, I have done a variety of workout regimes, but none of them have inspired me to continue working with them, until Beachbody. Some companies try to create a facade that quick fixes are healthy and great. Sure, they may seem harmless and great at the time, but are they really harmless? How about inexpensive? I don't want to knock on other companies here; I don't know much extensively about other companies, but I know that Beachbody will speak for itself, as I relate my experiences with it. I can begin by saying that I love being a part of this company! I love that I can not only become a healthier me, but I can also be a positive influence to my family, friends, and others that I come in contact with. I desire to help others, and even though I initially joined Beachbody to receive the discount on my Shakeology, I eventually wanted to begin to grow my business and help others. If you want to begin your journey to a healthier you, or if you want to contribute your successes, or your own advice, please feel free to comment. You can also browse, or contact me, through my website, which is linked to the Team Beachbody Coach heading, and you can follow me on Facebook as Sarah's Drive.

It's nice to have a workout buddy!

With this blog, I hope to provide entertainment, inspiration, information, and a place to talk about experiences that, among other emotions, make us laugh, make us cry, and place a desire in our hearts to grow and help others! I want to post at least once per week, and would love to hear from you about what you would like to see more, or less of during the coming weeks, months, and, I hope, years! Thank you, in advance, for coming along this recap, and continuation of my (and what, I hope, becomes "our") journey!

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